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Using Club Logos in a Football themed Order of Service:

When I first started watching football I had no idea which team to support. My parents aren’t fans, neither are my siblings, so the choice was entirely my own. I watched for a season, waiting to find the team that truly resonated with me, but determined that it wouldn’t be one of the “big” clubs.

That is, until the day a good friend of mine took me to a game at Old Trafford. The moment I walked out into the stands, the hairs on my arms stood on end and the magic gripped me. I knew then that no matter how much I resisted, the deal was done. I was now one of the millions of Manchester United fans across the globe. Like them or loathe them, you cannot deny the genuine love, passion and (more recently!) heartache that Manchester United fans have for their team. Every time I stand among the singing in the Stretford End it is a unique and special experience.

This is not isolated to Manchester United though – this passion can be seen in every football ground the world over. I often wonder whether, if my first live football experience was the infectious atmospheres of The Kop, or the Gallowgate End, would I be a Liverpool or a Newcastle United fan instead?

The love of the Game

Either way, it is plain to see why we love our football clubs so much. It is certainly true that for some, the game and their club are their one true passion in life. For that reason it is never a surprise to me when a family asks me to design a football themed Order of Service for their loved one, branded with the logo of their beloved club. But what are the practicalities of using a team’s crest? Copyright and intellectual property are serious issues. We must honour them in every football themed Order of Service we produce.


…football clubs are actually very helpful folk when it comes to their fans. The vast majority are happy to grant us permission on a case-by-case basis for the purpose of a football themed Order of Service. We seek permission as needed for each individual family we work with, to ensure anything we print and produce has full copyright granted, and that we meet any conditions that the club imposes.

Due to the number of requests we receive we now include the “Forever a Red” and “True Blue” designs as part of our range. We personalise these to include the club logo of your choice (subject to club agreement). We also adapt the shades of red and blue as suitable to best fit with the team in question. If, however, you require another colour scheme altogether please just ask. From yellow to claret and everything in between, we can create a football themed order of service to fit. The perfect tribute to the passion of your loved one.

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