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Sharing Memories without a Funeral through our beautiful Memory Books

If you follow our Facebook page you’ll know how much it upsets us to see the effects that Coronavirus has on funerals and loss. The fact that families cannot be with their loved ones in their last moments; the fact that they can’t be with each other for comfort whilst coming to terms with what has happened, and the fact that funerals are under such huge restriction. If things were not already tough enough when someone dies, this makes things 100 times harder.

When it comes to funerals not only are families unable to give their loved ones the send off they want to – whether this be a traditional occasion or a joyful celebration of life – but they are also missing out on such an important part of the grieving process. One of the most important parts of a funeral is the opportunity for people who are sharing in their grief to come together and take comfort from each other, share memories, tell stories and remember that special person – together. Taking that away from families and friends, whilst understandable and correct in these circumstances, breaks my heart. We vowed that we had to try and do something about it. That we would find some way to give families at least a little of the comfort they were missing out on.

So we had an idea…

An idea that, instead of talking about those memories in person, we could pull them all together for families into a hardback, beautiful memorial book for them to read, treasure, and come back to time after time. Whether memories come by email, text message, condolence card, letter, we’ll put it all together into a full colour, beautiful memory book. We can typeset the emails and text messages, we can scan the cards and letters (cover and inside), we can include photographs, scans of keepsakes, drawings, anything at all. We will build up a beautiful memorial book full of stories, memories, words of comfort and tales of happy times. And it’s all in the words of those who have known and loved them.

What is also really special is the fact that, because we create a digital file, we can print as many copies as you wish. So whether 3 or 103, anyone who wants to read those memories share that comfort can have a copy of their own, to keep. All of our pricing includes 3 copies as standard, as we are so sure that there will always be more than one person who would want to have a very special, beautiful memory book like this.

Nothing can replace the face to face comfort that a funeral brings. However, we hope that it will go at least some small way to helping families at this very difficult time, and giving them something beautiful to treasure and pass down through the generations.

This beautiful memory book is designed to match our “A Life in Pictures” order of service.

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