Five Ideas for a Memory Table

5 Memory Table ideas. Blog post. Ideas for memorial, wake, funeral reception, Memorial gift, funeral gift, funeral favour.

When someone dies, a huge comfort to those who loved them is the opportunity to reminisce about that person. A Memory Table makes the perfect centrepiece of a wake or memorial, allowing you to not only share memories but to receive new ones too. Here are 5 Memory Table Ideas to inspire you to create one that will being lasting enrichment and comfort to both you and your guests.

5 Memory Table ideas. Blog post. Ideas for memorial, wake, funeral reception, Memorial gift, funeral gift, funeral favour.

1. Photo Board

What better way to start your Memory Table than with a vibrant photo board containing pictures of your loved one throughout their life. Guests will love looking at the photos. Some of which they may recognise – others will be totally new and may even allow them to see them in a totally new setting. Perhaps at an age before they met them, or in an area of their life they’ve not been involved in. For inspiration take a look at some of my Photo Boards here, or why not make your own? Perhaps pegging printed photos along a ribbon or onto a retro pin-board.

Squares Memorial Picture Board, photo board, memorial board, photoboard, funeral photo board, photoboard, memory board
2 Seeds

Many families like to give guests something to take away, to remember the person by. What better and more poignant than seeds to plant and grow, to be a reminder of that special person whenever they’re in flower. Forget-me-Nots and Wildflowers are a popular choice but there are so many options available. I adore these gorgeous matchbox seed-balls (although a little pricey!) but there are many cheaper options available too like these little packets. Etsy is a great place to look!

5 Memory Table ideas. Forget-me-not Seed balls in pretty matchbox. Memorial gift, funeral gift, funeral favour.

3 Share a Memory Cards

Controversial I know, but personally, I’m not a fan of a condolence book. Why? Well, I find that everyone writes really small on the first 5 pages and the remainder sits empty and wasted. And as it’s one message at a time there’s often a queue, putting people under pressure to be quick. Others miss doing it altogether. What I recommend instead are ‘Share a Memory’ cards. Put them out on your memory table or tuck one into each Order of Service, then have a box on the table for them to be returned to.

Not only does it avoid dozens of blank pages but it means everyone can do them at their own pace – no pressure to be quick, no forgetting, no blank pages, and plenty of space to write something that’s really meaningful. They could even take it away and post it to you afterwards. After the service, keep them in a pretty box or display them in a photo album to look back on whenever you want to revisit those special words. I offer a range of Share a Memory card designs and can coordinate them with any Order of Service design. Even a simple blank postcard or index/palm card would do the job though, if budgets are tight.

Instagram style memorial cards. Instagram Squares, instagram grid, insta grid, funeral, memorial booklet, share a memory

4 Tealights

Similar to seeds, tea lights are a lovely thing to allow people to take away, enabling guests to light it and remember that person at a time of their choosing. They are inexpensive to get hold of and easy to display in a bowl or box. Convey the sentiment with a small table sign. Or for an individually packaged and ready-to-go option, I love these ones from Angel & Dove.

5 Memory Table ideas. Tealights in organza bags. Memorial gift, funeral gift, funeral

5. Fingerprint Tree

Traditionally used for weddings in lieu of a guest book, Fingerprint Trees are one of my favourite Memory Table ideas. Ask each guest to place their fingerprint on the tree and write their name over it. This creates a beautiful piece of artwork for you to display at home afterwards, with a permanent reminder of all those who came to show their respects to your loved one and shares in treasuring their memory. There are so many available online, complete with inkpads, but one of my favourites is this one!

5 Memory Table ideas. Fingerprint tree. Memorial gift, funeral gift, funeral favour.

I hope these Memory Table ideas inspire you. They really do make a beautiful focal point and offer so much to all those attending – including yourselves.

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