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Something Special to Introduce 💕 To those who've been following for a while you'll know how sad I've been that families aren't able to hold the funerals that they'd want to for their loved ones. As a result, we set ourselves a mission to try and find a way that we could make this time… Read more

  Using Club Logos in a Football themed Order of Service: When I first started watching football I had no idea which team to support. My parents aren’t fans, neither are my siblings, so the choice was entirely my own. I watched for a season, waiting to find the team that truly resonated with me,… Read more

How to choose photos for an Order of Service One of the most common questions we are asked by families is; “How do I choose the photographs for the order of service?”. The first decision to make is the approximate quantity that you wish to use. Whether you are thinking of a small number of… Read more

I have to admit, when we first started work on our range of funeral stationery, I was a little wary of the prospect of dealing with funeral directors.  Admittedly, I have been fortunate enough to have never needed to speak to one before. I hoped it would stay this way for obvious reasons! But that… Read more