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I think most of us agree that the people we spend time with are split into many different facets. Some of these overlap, others which remain totally separate. Family, old friends, new friends, hobby friends… work friends. And each of these groups will see us from different perspectives. Those we have dinner with see a… Read more

Far from its origins as a functional document to guide you through a funeral service, a modern day Order of Service is a lovingly prepared tribute, keepsake and lasting memorial to the person who has died. Indeed, it is the only element of the funeral arrangements that lasts beyond the service itself and has become… Read more

When someone dies, a huge comfort to those who loved them is the opportunity to reminisce about that person. A Memory Table makes the perfect centrepiece of a wake or memorial, allowing you to not only share memories but to receive new ones too. Here are 5 Memory Table Ideas to inspire you to create… Read more

Some of my favourite funeral Order of Service booklets are the ones that give families space to include lots of photographs of their loved one and tell a story of their life from childhood right up until they died. Families tell me there is something so comforting in the nostalgia of looking back at old… Read more

  Losing a loved one and planning a funeral amid covid restrictions are amongst the starkest and cruelest parts of the coronavirus pandemic. Both practically and emotionally, the reality of families and friends being kept apart at a time they need to be together more than ever is heart-wrenching. We believe that a personal funeral,… Read more

Bereavement Books for Young Children Knowing how to tackle the topic of death and bereavement with children will never be an easy path to walk. Whether hypothetically, because they’re asking questions, or whether out of necessity, because they are in the sad position of dealing with the loss of someone close to them – or… Read more

Linda came to me around 12 months ago, with an unusual enquiry. She had a life limiting illness and wanted to design her own Order of Service, rather than leave it for her family to do after her death. A brave, inspirational and truly lovely lady, she asked if I could help her, and it… Read more