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  • Our memorial books and mini memorial booklets are a celebration of life and as individual as the person they commemorate. We offer something different. Something family and friends will keep and treasure for years to come. Our flagship memorial products are our beautiful hard back memorial books for the immediate family. They contain copies of the messages of condolence, special memories and beautiful photographs. We also offer gorgeous Mini Memorial Booklets filled with photographs and favourite songs, poems, a eulogy or favourite memories. Send these out to a wider circle of friends and extended family, which they will look back on to remember the happy times. These are especially ideal whilst restricted funerals are in place. Family and friends not attending feel included and comforted. They share the memories these booklets bring and have a keepsake to cherish and look back on with love.

    Our memorial books and mini memorial booklets are filled with unique and meaningful designs to suit every taste and character. They inspire the rekindling and sharing of memories, celebrate the life of your loved one, and reflect their personality. The memorial books and memorial booklets are printed on the finest quality paper and card and finished to an impeccably high standard. They are the perfect memorial that family and friends will cherish long after the funeral itself. A beautiful memento to look back on and remember those happy memories.

    The personalisation process is very simple. Simply send your content via the link we provide and we take care of everything else. We send a PDF proof for you to approve before print. Make as many changes as you wish.

    If you are looking for an Order of Service booklet for use during the funeral itself, take a look at our range. We help you create a perfect celebration of life.

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